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Bronze Star Recipients
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The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the military of the United States after 6 December 1941, distinguished himself or herself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight, while engaged in...

  • an action against an enemy of the United States;

  • military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force;

  • or while serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

2001 to Present
Killed In Action Killed In Action

  Bronze Star

Abrahamson, Joshua

Adams, Chris J.

Adams, John

Albietz, Edward

Alcazar, Carlo A.

Apolinar, Martin R. Killed In Action

Amerine, Jason

Arellano, James Killed In Action

Arends, Joel

Bacastow, Chad E.

Baker, Blaine

Barnett, Chris

Basye, R. Taylor

Baughman, Nathaniel Killed In Action

Battle, Rayvon Jr. Killed In Action

Baylosis, Benito

Becker, Jacob

Bell, Bryan Killed In Action

Bell, Christopher Killed In Action

Bender, Donavin

Benitez, Carlos Killed In Action

Bennett, Johnathan

Bennedsen, Robert Killed In Action

Berline, Zachary

Bernier, Nicholas Killed In Action

Betterton, Robert

Biggers, Joshua

Billings, Robert Killed In Action

Bishop, Timothy

Black, Quentin

Blasjo, Aaron J. Killed In Action

Blom, Erik

Bodani, Jack

Bogart, Daniel

Bonaldo, Derek

Bonello, Robert

Bottoms, David

Boudreaux, Bryan

Bouten, Travis

Bradford, Robert

Brazeal, Donnie

Brenizer, Robert

Brickey, Ronnie

Broadwell, Teresa

Brookins, Dexter

Bruckenthal, Nathan Killed In Action

Buchheim, Todd

Buras, Michael Killed In Action

Burgoyne, Daniel

Burnette, Richard

Bursac, David

Butler, Alfred

Buzinski, Keith T. Killed In Action

Campos, Roy

Cargile, Cannon

Carney, John D.

Carmack, Gregory

Carpenter, Kevin

Carrillo, Luis

Carter, Lisa

Cathey, Thomas

Champagne, Rhett

Chandler, Lee M.

Chavez, Ralph

Cissell, Brian

Clagnaz, John

Claude, Charles

Clemens, Michael

Cole, Bart

Compson, Kitt

Connolly, Mark

Coursey, Guy

Courville, Jean-Paul

Cousins, Matthew

Cranford, Richard

Crosby, Philip

Crossett, Nathanael

Cutler, Tracy

Dale, Jason H.

Daniels, Reginald

Darmstadt, Eric L.

D'Augustine, Joseph Killed In Action

Daunhauer, Cole

Dean, Reginald

Dementer, Alan

Detro, John

Diorio, Frank

Dishmon, Matthew

Dixon, Robert

Dominey, Jered

Don, Richard

Dougherty, James

Drew, Jonathan

DuCharme, Michael

Eldridge, Robert

Faircloth, Matthew

Faulk, Rod

Fears, Eric J.

Fedder, Daniel L. Killed In Action

Fisher, Aaron

Fiust, Daniel

Flannery, Lauralee

Flores, Gerald

Flynn, Liam

Fortner, Shannon

Foust, Shawn

Frady, Michael

Frazier, Gil C.

Franklin, Katteri

Fremgen, Jamie

Frost, Christopher J.

Frustaglio, Neil

Gagliano, Jason

Gainey, Joshua P.

Gainey, Michael C.

Gallucci, Ryan

Garcia, Luis

Gaub, Darin

Gaudet, Bradley Killed In Action

Gilbert, Timothy

Gorman, Brandon J.

Gouak, Stephen

Gratton, Matthew

Hair, Justin

Harris, Blake Killed In Action

Hamill, James J.

Harrison, Holly

Haunschild, Kevin

Hawthorne, Brian

Hayes, James A.

Herber, Thaddeus

Hermanson, Matthew D. Killed In Action

Hernandezmarquez, Aaron

Herrera, Derek

Herron, Alexander

Heyob, William E.

Hoa, Nainoa Killed In Action

Hockenbarger, Brandon

Hoffman, Michael M.

Hogancamp, Brian C.

Holan, Marcus

Holley, Floyd Killed In Action

Horton, Christopher Killed In Action

Houston, Alex

Huff, Stephen

Jackson, Matthew

Jameson, Gene

Jernigan, Robert

Jones, Jeffrey

Johnston, James Killed In Action

Justice, James A. Killed In Action

Kane, Sean

Kaprielian, Christopher

Kelsch, Cam

Kelly, Maria

Kinlaw, Jeff

Kopera, David

Koehler, Edward Killed In Action

Kozlowski, Alan

Kratzer, Dallas II

Krippner, Andrew Mark Killed In Action

Krochmolny, Ryan M.

Labott, Joshua

LaFountain, Philip J.

Lattimer, Jeremy C.

Lay, Jason

Lepping, Benjamin


Lock, Jeremy T.

Loetz, Michael

Loftis, John Darin Killed In Action

Lynch, Timothy

Lyons, Clint

Magdaleno, Alexandro

Magiera, Matt

Maher, Brent M. Killed In Action

Malone, Ed

Maloney, Patrick H.

Maloney, Ronnie

Manning, Michael A.

Marchante, Michael

Marino, James

Marra, John A.

Martin, Matthew J.

Martinette, Ryan

Matthew - Army Special Forces

Mays, Chauncy R. Killed In Action

McCloskey, Ginamarie

McConnell, John T.

McDonald, Kelvin

McKee, Joshua

McLeese, Justin D. Killed In Action

McWilliams. Michael E.

Melson, John

Middendorf, Benjamin

Miller, Chad L.

Miller, Edward H.

Molina, Jacob Killed In Action

Monroe, Clifford

Mora, Ezequiel

Moore, Matthew

Mowery, Brian  Killed In Action

Mulvehill, James

McMahan, Jessica

Murdock, Christian

Murphy, Jamie

Nagel, Matthew

Nesbit, Robert Jr.

Nichols, Donald Lee Killed In Action

Norton, Jason Killed In Action

Novela, Johnny J.

Oliver, James

Olson, Heidi

Opala, John

Ortega, Orlando

Owens, Gregory Jr. Killed In Action

Parsons, Breve

Pate, Ralph E., Jr. Killed In Action

Perkins, Adam Killed In Action

Petersen, Christopher

Peterson, Jamynn C.

Pierre, Jason

Pike, Christian M. Killed In Action

Pike, Jason

Pinkerton, William IV

Piowaty, John F.

Polk, Brian

Pompos, Anthony J.

Powell, Joshua D. Killed In Action

Proietto, Peter

Radimer, Jared M.

Rayner, Robert

Redding, Scott

Reyes, Luis

Rice, Curtis

Rodrigues, James

Rodriguez, Joe

Rogers, Christopher

Row, Michael

Rudd, John

Russell, Brian

Ryan, Misero

Salazar, Jorge

Salka, James

Sanjurjo, Marvin

Segreaves, Michael

Schiller, Philip Killed In Action

Schilling, Matthew

Schlatter, Brian

Schneider, James

Schnell, Andrew

Schultz, Joseph W. Killed In Action

Schwartz, Matthew Killed In Action

Scott, Christopher John Killed In Action

Scott, Maurice

Scott, Ralph

Seidler, Matthew Killed In Action

Shranko, Christopher

Sierkowski, Tom

Simmons, Bradley

Sims, Markie Killed In Action

Singh, Nicholas

Slusher, Mark

Smith, Jeremy Killed In Action

Smith, Michael R.

Smith, Ricky

Smith, Ronald

Snyder, Devin A. Killed In Action

Soderholm, Christopher

Soltero, Omar Killed In Action

Spangenberg, Jason

Sparrow, Scott

Spievy, Kelvin

Stacey, William Killed In Action

Stark, Christopher G. Killed In Action

Steele, Nathan

Stevens, Steven Killed In Action

Stogner, Ryan

Stoops, Stephen

Stroisch, Henry

Talaga, Jeff

Tauteris, Robert Killed In Action

Taylor, Corey

Taylor, Jason

Taylor, Zakiya

Tompkins, Travis M. Killed In Action

Toomey, Michael

Tusing, Christopher

Tygart, Justin

Van Auken, Kathryn

Vangiesen, Kenneth Killed In Action

Varnadore, Terry L. II

Velarde, Anthony

Villanueva, Jonathan M. Killed In Action

Voakes, Robert L., Jr. Killed In Action

Wade, Simon

Wagner, Jeffrey

Ward, Stephen P.

Warehime, Richard

Warthen, Alton

Wein, Josef

Whitaker, Letitia

White, Kenneth Killed In Action

Whitman, Christopher

Williams, David

Williams, Michael

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Wesley Killed In Action

Wilson, Benjamin

Wilson, Brian

Wood, Joshua

Wright, Christopher

Wright, James

Young, Joshua

Yusup, Anthony

Zabroski, Travis

Ziervogel, William R.

Zimme, Matthew

Zuniga, Orlando

Military Hero Submission Guidelines
Heroes | More Tributes
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