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Recently listed patriotic videos with links and descriptions remain on the New Content page for at least 180 days.

Thousands of patriotic videos listed under 14 categories can be found via the Google USA Patriotism! Custom Search Engine in the site's header and footer sections of every page.

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You can also browse for videos by title in alphabetical order under the respective categories that have been listed through April 7, 2018. This approach was discontinued ... as it is ... easier and less time consuming to use the custom search engine.

May 29, 2023 - USA Patriotism! removed around 400 of its older videos of its 5000+ videos at its YouTube channel that were granted use with copyright music ... relative to the use of advanced AI technology that might possibly reverse the approved use of the copyright music and even cause an issue with a YT channel's account status. And while the videos no longer display on their respective page at USA Patriotism! ... each video's description is still available due to its patriotic related topic and in case a visitor wants to find it on YouTube elsewhere.

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