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Music Video

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Matt FitzgibbonsRemember The Americans

Performed and Written by Matt Fitzgibbons
Copyright 2006 - registered with ASCAP

"Matt Fitzgibbons' excellently written song, Remember The Americans, is very heart touching and should evoke proud, thankful thoughts for all the brave ones who have served our great country in harm's way . . . And the video nicely illustrates it . . . Every patriot should experience it." David Bancroft, USA Patriotism! founder 


The telegram came, in the spring of 1943
I was just 18 when my country said that she needed me.
The funny thing is, on my birthday, just the week before
I went downtown in my only suit and joined to fight the war.

My father, he fought in World War One to set Europe free.
Mr. Wilson said he'd fight and spread Democracy.

And he was on his way across the sea
to fight for some stranger's liberty
And he didn't know if he'd be back again
He just hoped that they would remember the American men.

But I went to Europe, and was wounded in '45.
And my brother he went to Tarawa and didn't come back alive.
All of my town remembers his smile before he left for the war.
And I miss my brother so much, and God he loved the Corps.

And we were on our way across the sea
to fight for some stranger's liberty
And we didn't know if we'd be back again
We just hoped that they would remember the Americans.

So many souls have offered their lives for strangers in need
And no one can know its worth like the ones who've been freed.

Well I skipped Korea but my son was sent to Vietnam
and he made it home and had a daughter who's grown to look just like her mom.
And she graduates from the Naval Academy in the spring of next year.
You'll never meet anyone smarter, and she's so sincere.

She'll be on her way across the sea
to fight for some stranger's liberty
And we won't know if she'll be back again
We just hope that you will remember the Americans.

In Matt's own words...
"I wrote this song, and created the multimedia piece to celebrate America's heroes throughout the last century. My new CD that this song is from is called Patriot 2: "A Celebration of Liberty". My goal is to celebrate United States' founding principles and the men and women who support them and hopefully inspire people, through my music, to take a few minutes and read the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights for themselves."

About Matthew Fitzgibbons
I got my degree in Philosophy from the University of Connecticut and lived in Japan for a couple of years. When I returned, I continued teaching English to foreign students in Manhattan. I was always interested in history and loved writing songs.

As I met people from all over the world, I started asking myself how we could be composed of so many different cultures and yet be so different from the rest of the world. I concluded that it is our founding principles that have been the key to our nation's success and that refamiliarizing ourselves with them is our only hope for continued success in the future. In other words, to know where we are going, we must know where we come from.

I have a tremendous respect for all those souls in our past and present who have fought to defend our Constitution, and my music is to say "thank you" to them.

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You can email Matthew with your thoughts about "Remember The Americans".

Visit Matthew Fitzgibbons' site for more information about him and his patriotic music that can be downloaded free and available on CDs. 


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