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Music Video

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Angela McKenzieJohn D. AshcroftLet The Eagle Soar

Performed by Angela McKenzie
Composed by John D. Ashcroft, former US Attorney General
Copyright 2011 - Initiative Radio Records

Angela McKenzie's official remake of "Let The Eagle Soar" composed by former US Attorney General John D. Ashcroft set to images from every New York City borough. Ashcroft says; "Angela's expression of "Let The Eagle Soar" is inspiring." "It will lift you as it lifts our nation."

September 11th 2011 marked a decade since thousands of Americans perished in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The lyrics of "Let The Eagle Soar" reaffirm that despite toils, struggles and formidable adversity, America is a young and resilient country with many more victories to come.

Ashcroft penned his patriotic ballad "Let The Eagle Soar" long before he became Attorney General of the United States in 2000 and well in advance of his performance of the song for a receptive audience at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002. A recording of his performance went viral on the internet and was subsequently exploited by late night talk show hosts for political satire. Nine years later, an unexpected collaboration emerged between Ashcroft a seasoned songwriter and Angela McKenzie a singer and producer of the public radio chat show "Initiative Radio with Angela McKenzie."

The two agreed that McKenzie would rearrange and record "Let The Eagle Soar" in a style that could reach a broader audience and keep its' patriotic message intact. The only other singer to get Ashcroft's blessing to remake the tune was Guy Hovis a cast member of "The Lawrence Welk Show," who performed it at the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.

McKenzie who is a 2011 Peter Jennings Project Fellow for Journalists and the US Constitution, last dabbled in music when she released an album entitled "9" in 2006. She cites Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash as two of her musical idols because she considers them gifted songwriters and storytellers and her journalistic heroes include newsmen Peter Jennings for his attention to detail and impeccable presentation and Bob Schieffer because he can front a Country Music band on a Saturday night and manage a televised round table of high level politicians on a Sunday morning.

Angela McKenzie's moving performance of John Ashcroft's wonderfully written, inspiring song, "Let The Eagle Soar", should grab every American's heart with pride . . . especially when experiencing its poignant music video. David Bancroft, USA Patriotism! founder (November 2011)

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