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The United States Marine Corps listens to the questions our community asks, and there's no one better to answer them than a Marine.Ask A Marine

The United States Marine Corps listens to the questions our community asks, and there's no one better to answer them than a Marine. Here are several key questions answered by Marines.

A compilation of U.S. Marine Corps videos by USA Patriotism! - 2012

Topics Discussed by the Marines
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  1. Basic Requirements
    Interested in age, education, tattoo, fitness, and other requirements that you must meet to become one of the Few and the Proud?

  2. USMC Enlistment Process
    Learn the basics of the Marine Corps enlistment process in the latest entry in our Ask A Marine series. To begin the journey to become a Marine, you've got to take the first, most important step.

  3. Poolees In The DEP
    Once you've enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, do you know what to expect as a poolee . . .Delayed Entry Program (DEP)?

  4. Arrival at Recruit Depot
    Want to know what happens when you arrive for recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island or San Diego?

  5. MOS
    Do you know what a MOS is? All Marines are assigned a Military Occupational Specialty, which is a 4-digit code that represents their job in the Marine Corps.

  6. Physical Fitness of Marines
    Do you know how the Marine Corps measures the physical fitness of Marines? Learn about the physical fitness test (PFT) and the combat fitness test (CFT).

  7. Marine Corps Pilot
    Do you know what it takes to become a Marine Corps pilot? Whether you want to fly an MV-22 Osprey or the F/A-18 Hornet.

  8. Reserve Marines
    Reserve Marines must go through the same 12 weeks of Recruit Training and must live up to the same standards as their active-duty counterparts — but do you know how they differ?

  9. Tattoo Policy
    Many Marine Corps prospects have questions about the Marine Corps tattoo policy -- now you can hear the answer straight from a Marine.

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