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Patriotic Poems
War and Tragedy

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Contributor: Ruby Alexandra Beloz || Poem Categories

Two Giant Twins! country as flag
Remembering September 11, 2011There were two sleeping Giants
Standing tall in the sky
Made of dark glass, concrete and steel
The hands of New York City's finest built them

They were known to the World as the tallest Twins

Then one day on September 11th the year 2001
Osama Bin Laden gave birth to new enemies willing to die
They took our American planes and flew them really high
Holding the passengers hostages, causing them all to die

They claimed victory from another false God
They charged the planes at the twins
With the lies of terrorists fire and hate
Now the two Giants now were wide-awake!

The Twins rocked side by side
Their outside skin began to crumble and break
Causing the glass and bricks to explode way into the air
Our loves ones flew out into the sky

Like Angels without wings on the way to heaven
Life ended way before their time
The two Giant twins were horrified
The heart of Apple's soul began to cry

Who will help our people trapped inside?
The twin towers began shake and rock
The clouds in the sky filled with smoke
So many of our own lost hope

The fire started to melt the twin's skin of steel
Just then the World STOPPED in horror
Time for New York City stood still
The Cities tears could not put the fire out

So many love ones jumped out into fly
That day they became Angels without wings
Our Lord started to cry
Heaven's peace started to scream

All of New York City could not believe what they have seen
When the two Giants Twins sadly began to crumble and fall
That day God created Heroes without wings
The sirens from the city's finest began to scream

There were Policemen and Fireman everywhere
"Hurry up Gals and Lads, we have to rescue them"
Up to the top of the Giant Twins they went
Into the skies mouth of fire and hate

Never, never to come back down again
That day our Hero's saved so many lives
They were ours Mothers, Fathers, children and friends
Showing them the way safely down the stairs

The two Twin Giants filled the sky
With a cloud of grey smoke
All of New York City began to choke
Our Lord let go his very own Bald Eagle

It flew down from heaven into our cities sky
It spread its majestic wings over the Giant Twins
The Bald Eagle said to them don't cry my friends
I have come to seek vengeance

The Bald Eagle gave a loud scream
Its teardrops falling from heaven into the sky
Just then the entire World began to cry
All of our Neighbors took each other's hands

Lighting candles and sending their prayers
They raised Old Glory's colors at half mast
For all our enemies to see
Our friends waved Old Glory in so many countries

They came to share their love and their prayers
To show these Terrorists that the World is not too late
To stop the Terrorists, crimes of violence and hate
America has launched Infinite Justice

We will show our enemies their own fate
May God help us to be vigilant day by day
No matter how long it will take
We will NEVER forget 911 on this day

Never will we forget the brave men and women
That gave their lives
To save those left behind
Today another year has gone day

I raised Old Glory at half mast in my neighborhood
When a neighbor passed by
She asked me why I had flowers under my flag
I bowed my head and softly said

Today in September 11th;
Nothing more needed to be said
By Ruby Alexandra Beloz
Copyright 2001
Listed June25, 2009
Ruby's site
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Ruby. ~~
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