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Patriotic Poems
War and Tragedy

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Contributor: Cody Dickinson || Poem Categories

Sleeping Giant

In Memory of Those Who Died and Suffered on 9/11/01

Remembering September 11, 2011Peaceful, dreaming, sleeping sound,
The ruling giant, who wears no crown.
Slumbers still through restless dreams,
Peaceful through un-easing things.

Internal struggles perplex its mind,
Yet peace and love are there to find.
An itch to scratch, still not awake,
Resting still; slight grumbles make.

Frightening sound, fire and screams,
Wake the giant from its dreams.
Eyes wide open, blurrily see,
What has happened, can it be?

The giant rolls out of bed,
Beholds the wounds upon its head.
Looks around as if to see,
Who might do this thing to me?

I'm a peaceful loving thing,
What can pain and sorrow bring?
Now I must seek out the source,
Of this atrocious use of force.

Seek he does, who wears no crown,
Ask he does, of all around,
Whom, of you, would have me wake?
What, from me, do you wish to take?

I have wealth and power and pride,
I have very few things to hide.
The greatest things that you might need,
Are tolerance, love, and diversity.

Most have come to understand,
For what, this giant does for stand.
But there are those who've yet to see,
What true freedom really means.

Freedom means you have a choice,
Freedom means you have a voice.
What you want, will be heard,
From mighty lions to little birds.

I will listen and sometimes agree,
What it is you want from me.
I fight for freedom for all mankind,
I fight for all that have like mind.

But these are things that you hate,
And in these things, you seal your fate.
You've pricked me and made me bleed,
Most of all, you've awakened me.

Eyes wide open, I clearly see,
Those who would cause harm to me.
Pause a moment to contemplate,
What course now lies for me to take?

I think that I should seek you out,
Find out what you're all about.
Look for you in every hole,
Hunt you like a troublesome mole.

Run and hide, you cowardice fool,
Think you now, you're time to rule?
Think you now, that you have won?
Not quite, say I, it's just begun.

I will find you, and when I succeed,
All will know your dirty deeds.
You cower and quiver and claim to fight,
For what it is you think is right.

But if it were, you'd stand proud,
You'd sing and scream and shout out loud.
You'd not hide and mask your mind,
You'd stand on a rock for all to find.

If what you believed were truly great,
The world would surely reciprocate.
The world does not, how so, why?
Could it be that you are blind?

Look around and you'll soon see,
That the world stands close to me.
A giant now, but not always so,
A fledgling not so long ago.

You should look and take heed,
You are judged by your deeds.
While you look to empower one,
I have fought for everyone!

Rest I've had, not great, but good,
I'm ready yet to do what I should,
Great power I have, great strength and might,
Now you will see in this coming fight.

Crush you, I will, as foes long before,
Seek you, I will, from every shore.
You shall not hide from my wrath.
Remember it's you that sought the bloodbath.

When it's all finished, I'll go back to sleep,
And from me, you'll hear no more than a peep.
Until you dare, strike me once more,
The sleeping giant will once again ROAR!
By Cody Dickinson
Copyright 2001
Note... This poem is dedicated to all those that unknowingly gave their lives for the "sleeping giant" that we call the United States of America on September 11th, 2001. My prayer is that their sacrifice "NEVER" be forgotten. May the "giant" be vigilant and ever aware of the dangers it faces. But slumber must come for the "giant". For if it forgets it's sleep, it will soon wary, and fall. A significant part of the United States "giant" is its power to get it done, and return to "sleep". Prolonged fighting has only proved to be the downfall of every other "super power" in history. Let us learn. Prolonged conflict can only feed the fuel. Let us take care of what needs to be done, and go "back to sleep". Even "giants" need rest.

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