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Music Video

"Mere Chance" by David G. Bancroft

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Joe PotsGod Bless America

Performed and Written by Joe Pots

Copyright 2011

This heartfelt song and music video by Joe Pots, a Marine veteran, should remind all about the greatness of our beloved America.

I wrote "God Bless America" in the hopes that it would give people a revamped and renewed love for our amazing country. I love this country with my whole heart and soul and I wanted this song to capture that and fire people up with an equally strong passion. It's a fun and upbeat song that i hope anyone can enjoy and feel a new sense of patriotism after listening to it. There are so many reasons to love this country and writing some of it in a song is the best way for me to express the allegiance i feel for the United States of America, and all those who have given of themselves to establish this blessed and beautiful country. Joe Pots


Chorus 1

God Bless America
God bless this territory
God bless the citizens and God bless the military
God bless the freedom that we have been given
and let us never take it for granted that we are living in it
God bless the documents
that set us free from tyranny
its obvious that gods hand was upon us Spiritually
Blessing the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army for serving
we owe them our lives for assuring our securities

Verse 1

This is for the freedom that our Grandfathers fought for
from the revolution all the way to the Iraq War
I'm here to celebrate their lives, praise 'em baby not mourn
time to elevate em lift them up on a platform.
Thank you to the average every day citizen
for joining hands together and restoring whats been given.
It felt like we were losin it were pullin it back in again the enemies of freedom
will not steal it when were passing it.
and when were dead and gone our children will look back on it and say
their parents were, building blocks in this establishment
I love this country with my heart attracted like a magnet this countries an experiment its not an accident
It didn't happen just like that

Chorus 2

God please send your angels to protect this countries soul
Guard us from all evil that is prowlin around the globe

Verse 2

I love this country I'd never apoligize for it.
Man I'd die for it before i stick a knife toward it,
guess its pride kinda sorta but I kinda get disoriented
when I hear them pourin lies on us, like were 4 years old
but the ones among us who still love this country with minds hearts and souls
will assure our children that the true stories told
no matter what they tell them in their classroom to know
and we'll keep the faith for this nation
trickle down through the ages a new generation of patriotism will emerge and then they can
make it a better place and then they'll pave the way for their kids to reclaim it

Verse 3

Blood shed, brave men paved the road thank them when you see them they can
be awarded amen, Vietnam Sipan Battle of the Bulge and Pearl Harbour Japan
can you imagine I cant. Next time you see our flag wavin in the wind.
Just know its because of all the bloodshed and brave men
who went before us just to give us what we have today
its them who deserve to be rewarded not these Hollywood events
Its them who are important. Its them who are the vets
All of the Armed forces serving currently or then
We'll always be in debt
to you your pain has set
us free from total tyranny we'll lay you all to rest.

Chorus 3

God please send your angels to protect this countries soul
Guard us from all evil that is prowlin around the globe

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