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Patriotic Article
War and Tragedy
By David G. Bancroft

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Reacting Similarly With Resolve
August 4, 2006

While the loss of innocent life during any conflict is very sad, it usually is by accident and in reaction to aggression occurring from the area that unfortunately includes non-combatants. And when it occurs due to the enemy using civilians as cover . . . the blame must first go to those who used these innocents knowing full well what might happen. Where is the global outrage here?

Moreover, there are terrorists groups who purposely attack civilians regardless of age without remorse. (Remember September 11, 2001 and since then... bombings in Madrid, India, and London.) These morally corrupt groups have even proudly taken credit for these atrocities including broadcasting the gory events over the internet and many times with the assistance of a friendly nation's media, which is then reported by US and other countries. Why does the global media have a tendency to forget this fact when reporting something like the tragic deaths of civilians in Qana, Lebanon?

Just imagine how the majority of Americans would react if a terrorist group did fire rockets and missiles into the USA from Mexico or Canada? And while Mexico and Canada would take necessary action to eliminate further attacks, Americans would support action by the USA to end the problem otherwise.

I believe Russia might have a similar explanation about what it is doing concerning Chechen extremists and their country Chechnya. Then there is how China would react to missiles launched by Taiwan extremists even if the Taiwan government wasn't involved.

The point here is that any country will most likely perceive attacks on its soil as an act of war and will respond accordingly relative to its ability to do so. I seriously don't believe Russia, China, India, Japan, Australia, or any European country, including France, would do anything differently if they were in the same situation as Israel, especially with 100 plus rockets and missiles landing on their soil daily. In fact, countries (like Russia and China) that had the power to do so might go after any state that was sponsoring the attacks on their soil.

So, the question remains about the global resolve to confront and destroy the growing wicked web being spun by the various terrorists groups and their supporting states. Nor should citizens of any nation show indifference, because it does involve each of us who deplore acts of terrorism.

None of us can continue to turn the cheek or avert our eyes to reality with another excuse of avoidance, as it is so much more than just a hatred of the USA and its allies . . . It is the purposeful spreading of a radical, fundamental belief and war against others who stand against it for whatever reason, being of a different faith minding your own business, or another Muslim of a different sect.  (Even those within the same sect who don't espouse these respective terrorist's mandates are at risk, including leaders of any Arab country believed to have strayed.)

I pray that the resolve is there to do so or it really could be the beginning of the end of times.

David G. Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!David Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!
Copyright 2006

Author of the books
American Pride, Cemetery Woods, Mere Chance, and Waking Dreams

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