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Patriotic Article
By David G. Bancroft

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Silent Majority Needs To Speak-up!
July 1, 2005

I know you are probably groaning already from just reading the title of this commentary, but please be patient enough to read the why.

I firmly believe deep down in my heart that the overwhelming majority of Americans, who usually remain silent, would collectively like to scream more than once . . . when a relatively “few” loud mouth politicians from either side play the partisanship game . . . especially when there is even a hint of negatively impacting troop morale.

Why are these people, who were elected by their respective constituents, so blinded by personal gain and winning the next election at all cost . . . that they ignore all common sense to the collateral damage done?  The easy answer is that their statements and actions will not impact their ability to get re-elected, because they are safe at home.  It is also sad that the majority of their constituents place them on a pedestal almost beyond reach of almost any political damage.

Here is where it gets tricky... for loyal followers too engrained to be honest about the real purpose of their politician on one or more issues where he / she and few others are the only voice for the respective party.

It really requires all of us to be very objective, closely listening to future arguments expressed (sometimes associated with indignation) . . . and consider whether it applies as constructive dialogue in moving an issue forward for possible bipartisan resolution . . . or it just being an attack without any alternative constructive idea. 

(You can bet that the other side is definitely thinking partisanship and is usually correct, unless it is all about spin from both sides... Yeah, I just gave myself a headache too with this terrible thought.)

Now, keep in mind that my youngest son served with the Marines in Iraq during 2003.  So, when hearing a certain older Senator from Massachusetts describe Iraq as a quagmire, I became . . . hmmm . . . livid!  And the same feelings would be expressed regardless of who had said it.

See, I take it personally as the father of a Marine who came as close to being a fallen while coming home without a wound.  Making a statement like that for what was purely about politics and with cameras and microphones all around is the worst type of partisanship there is . . . And his other intent from my perspective was deliberately trying to tag the effort in Iraq to the Vietnam War, which our troops back then were not allowed to win or had the support they so well deserved.  (Where was he then about that?)

Oh yeah, this particular senator has yet to visit Iraq or Afghanistan, so he really was speaking in a voice without first hand knowledge and authority.  He pretended to be what he is not.  And while I am sure the intent was not meant to impact the morale of the troops or their family members . . . he did exactly that with perception alone.  It came across as indirect questioning of our troops fighting ability and resolve along with faulting the uniformed military leaders in failing the troops.  It just seemed to be a pretense for scoring political points for the 2006 elections.  Revisiting ifs and buts at the expense of hurting troop morale is unacceptable for this American, even if, political reasons blind the speaker from his common sense.

I also have the same question for this senator about how many strikes beyond three he has been given both personally and politically since the age of reason.  However, I am human too with my own flaws and have no intention to cast a stone beyond the reminder that we are all subject to God above . . . regardless of the separation of church and state down here.

Moreover, I fault all the media for its under reporting the good being done in Iraq by brave American and allied troops and all the non-military contractors.  Why don't all of the networks report the same number of good stories as the tragic ones involving the loss of troops and/or Iraqis?  I think that would help to dampen the partisan rhetoric, as well.

And it would be nice to see “every” elected official think of being an American and patriot first at this time of the year in celebration of America's independence and the same for all our national holidays... Who knows what might happen next.

David Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!Okay, it is your turn to be heard... Do so by contacting your congressman and senator about how you feel he and/or she is representing you and what else you expect from them!  Hopefully, you will also state your disgust with the bitter partisanship that has become the norm instead of the exception.

David G. Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!
Copyright 2005

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