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Ideal Choice For America's Future
by David G. Bancroft, USA Patriotism! Founder/Owner
November 18, 2016

Donald Trump speaking at an immigration policy speech in Phoenix, Arizona on August 31, 2016A new President of the USA was elected 9 days ago. His name is... Donald Trump!

And while you are thinking ... Everyone already knows who the next President will be since it became official early on November 9th ... I wanted to see the reactions of those who were against Donald Trump including those in the media with a bias mindset ... and how our next President and his team reacted during the early stages of the transition ... before commenting on the election.

Nor am I amazed on what has occurred ... Nothing really has changed from most in the media, who reported from a bias perspective with many in disbelief, grief, and/or anger. Now, that is their right to do so ... even if it is considered "unprofessional".

The same goes for every other American to express their displeasure when their chosen candidate didn't win. However, doing so by committing illegal acts ... crosses a line and should be legally addressed, accordingly, and condemned by all ... for going beyond their rights as American citizens.

It was also pleasing to see Hillary Clinton graciously concede the election the next day after what must have been an extremely demoralizing outcome relative to earlier media reports about the expected outcome based upon exit polling.

Then there is how President-Elect Donald Trump conducted himself from his comments shortly after being declared the next President ... replacing President Obama on January 20, 2017. He has been considerate and complimentary of Hillary Clinton ... refraining from openly discussing the issues that plagued her in the campaign.

Trump has also reached out to those who were offended by his comments during the Republican Primary, showing that it is about our great country ... above any personal issues ... as they are needed to provide advice and more ... for him to do his very best as the 45th President.

Of course, there will be honest disagreement from within his supporters and opposition parties ... but all should know that the overwhelming majority of American voters ... are beyond tired of the fractured approach in Washington D.C. that has been going on way too long ... resulting in too many deadlocks, roadblocks, and personal agendas ... with many having a me attitude instead of what is  ... best for all America!

Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign Image ... "I am fighing for you."President-Elect Donald Trump comes from a business mindset ... not a political one ... and understands about balancing a budget based on revenue ... not making promises with wishful intent that has only created a national debt that threatens the financial viability of our country for many future generations.

So, Donald Trump ... as President ... might be ideal for the USA ... because he is a businessman first, understanding about delegation of responsibility as a chief executive ... and making a decision based on a business perspective ... even in defense of our country ... as a business succeeds when it is strategically strong with its competitors.

All Americans should pray for President Donald Trump and all our elected officials to be successful in working together to eliminate our national debt ... which can happen successfully sooner ... by becoming energy independent ... which will then allow all Americans ... to benefit even more ... especially those who desperately need financial assistance ... as the law allows.

I truly hope history will one day show that ... Donald Trump ... as one of America's greatest Presidents,  meaning that even those Americans who oppose him today ... will eventually admit that America needed him ... like She needed FDR, Reagan, and Lincoln!

David Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism!
Author of books...
American Pride, Cemetery Woods, Waking Dreams & Mere Chance
Copyright 2016

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