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Patriotic Photo / Image

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Only One Photo/Image Can Be Submitted At A Time

  • You must be at least 13 years old to submit by email for listing consideration.

    • Photo by a student 12 years old and under can be submitted by parents or teachers.

  • A photo needs to be inspiring and taken by you or by a loved one or friend who has given permission for its listing. (Credit to the actual photographer must be provided with use permission if it is not you ... A photo from a newspaper, magazine or another media source can only be submitted by the photographer or the respective media's legal representative.)

  • Creative original work (including a photo, graphic, and illustration) accepted/used by USA Patriotism! ... that was produced by a U.S. military service member or other U.S. government employee ... is in the public domain in the United States, as it is a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government associated with the person's official duties under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code.

  • Photo/Image must be in jpeg format

  • Photo/Image Size

    • The preferred image size is 960W x 770H pixels and the largest acceptable size. A smaller size with the same height/width ratio can be submitted with 810W x 650H pixels the smallest acceptable size.

    • Image file size cannot be over 130K bytes

  • Photo must have an associated description up to 250 words. (Photos without a description cannot be listed.)

  • Examples of photos or pictorial (multiple photos of the same event)...

    • Remembering a loved one's passing who served in the military (provide military service information including awarded medals)
    • Honoring a loved one's ultimate sacrifice (provide military service information including awarded medals)
    • A loved one / friend at boot camp
    • A loved one / friend on duty in harms way
    • An event or activity by a nonprofit or for profit organization event that reflects pride of America
    • Homecoming of a loved one from harms way
    • Celebrating a national holiday with patriotic surroundings / decorations
    • Visiting a national monument
    • Visiting with troops
    • Your child or another loved one being recognized for a patriotic project
    • Your Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout participating at a patriotic event
    • You in uniform while on duty
    • You in uniform interacting with other troops and/or aiding civilians at home or in another country
    • You performing for the troops
    • You and/or a loved one meeting with the President or another well-known American leader that is patriotic oriented with no political intent.

  • Email submission needs to include...

    • Attached photo in jpeg format within the maximum size parameters
    • Location where photo was taken
    • Month and year when photo was taken (if applicable)
    • Description up to 250 words
    • Your first and last name
      • Military Service Member and Other Federal Employee providing a federal related photo needs to include service, rank/title, and other applicable information.
      • Include the grade level of student if he / she is the photographer
    • City and State of residence
    • Photographer's name if not you and his / her use permission
      Include grade level, if the photographer is a student in 1st through 12th grade.
      Student Acknowledgement...
    • Organization
      • Can only submit one photo every three months
      • Make sure to list your organization's name and site URL in body of message. 
      • Photo courtesy of "your organization" will be listed if photographer not provided.)

    Note: Thumbnail of photo with link to its page will be listed on the Index page for 24 days.

Use Permission and Non Removal Policy
Since the respective copyright owner (author, producer, photographer, or legal representative) grants use permission upon submission of their creative work (article, poem, story, song, video, photo, graphic, and/or other) cannot be removed from USA Patriotism! once listed.

Listing Period
Your content submission should be listed within 14 days, unless current submission numbers require additional time for review and posting. You can check the New Content Page periodically, as a link to your submitted patriotic content will be listed on this page for 6 months once it is available at USA Patriotism!

Content submission is only accepted via the USA Patriotism! online process
and will not be considered if sent by US Mail or another physical delivery service.

Home - Articles - USA's Birth - Great Patriots - Heroes - Honor Halls - Music - Photos
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USA Store! ... American / Patriotic themed gift products at USA Patriotism!

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