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Patriotic Article/Essay
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  1. You must be at least 13 years old to submit an article ... with at least 300 words. 

    • Students in grades 1 through 12 ... Essay will be listed in Patriotic Articles. Parents, teachers, youth organization representatives can also submit an essay for a child/student.

  2. Subject matter must be positive in nature as the purpose is expressing one's pride of the United States of America whether it is about a person, place, item, and etc. (Political and partisan references cannot be included.)

    Here are a few article/essay ideas that might apply to you...

    • a great American and his/her contributions to the USA (Political leaders are included, but only about non-political and non-partisan efforts associated with elected and other notable efforts.)

    • about American history ... e.g. Revolutionary War, the founding fathers,  the wild west

    • a favorite national holiday and why

    • a vacation/trip experience that instills love and pride of America

    • a memorable event while serving in one of the military service

    • participating in an event related to a national holiday or another noble patriotic purpose

    • a tribute to a fallen hero

    • a son, father, husband, daughter, mother, wife, or other loved one in the military serving in harms way

    • a loved one who served in the military during World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War and received one or more medals for heroism

    • a combat story involving you or loved one

    • a heroic effort by a firefighter, policeman, or another person in homeland security

    • a child doing something special with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, other youth organization, or individually

  3. Format

    • Without links - Text format in body of a "Text" email or attach in a Text formatted document

    • With links - Attach in Word or Html format using "Cambria" font 12pt with links targeted to "new window".

  4. Photo/Image must be in JPEG or PNG format ... with up to 4 images per article with ideal size being 960 pixels wide and 770 pixels high and under 100K bytes. Nor can an image be larger than 960x770 pixels or smaller than 655x525 pixels.

  5. Any negative comments (even indirectly) against any person, place, and/or country will result in article not being listed.

  6. Plagiarism will result in immediate removal of article/essay.

Content submission is only accepted via the USA Patriotism! online process
and will not be considered if sent by US Mail or another physical delivery service.

Use Permission and Non Removal Policy
Since the respective copyright owner (author, producer, photographer, or legal representative) grants use permission upon submission of their creative work (article, poem, story, song, video, photo, graphic, and/or other) cannot be removed from USA Patriotism! once listed.

Submission By Email
Reminder: 13 years old is minimum age for submission ... Parent or Teacher must submit for students under 13.

Required Information

  1. Provide Author/Copyright Owner Information

    • List your first and last name

    • State if you want your email address with article

    • Provide Website URL if you want it listed

  2. List "Initial" or "Another" for this submission

  3. List the most appropriate article category
    Country and Flag · Experiencing America · Heroes and Patriots · History · Homeland Security · Military · Noble Efforts · Pride · War and Tragedy

  4. Provide Information About Article/Essay

    • Title

    • Copyright Year

    • Word Count

  5. List your article below the required information above or attach it as a html or Word document with embedded links opening in a new window.

Click here to submit your article/essay

Listing Period
Your content submission should be listed within 14 days, unless current submission numbers require additional time for review and posting. You can check the New Content Page periodically, as a link to your submitted patriotic content will be listed on this page for 6 months once it is available at USA Patriotism!