Send Me performed by Max Impact

Videos showcasing U.S. Air Force efforts and its airmen
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Send Me performed by Max Impact

Post by Patriots » May 17th, 2018, 11:29 pm

Send Me
Performed by Max Impact
U.S. Air Force rock band
Copyright 2012 U.S. Air Force

"Send Me", performed by Max Impact, the premier rock band of the United States Air Force is a great original song with its video integrating footage of the amazing Airmen from Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

A collaboration between Senior Master Sgt. Matt Ascione and Master Sgt. Ryan Carson, “Send Me” began as a request from a leader in the Special Tactics community who saw one of the band's high-energy performances. He wanted to highlight his Airmen's courage and selfless service, as well as inspire them to new heights. Drawing inspiration from the “Special Tactics” motto “First there ... that others may live,” this exciting original composition tells the story of these highly-trained Air Force professionals and highlights their commitment and sacrifices.

Carson, who is also the featured vocalist on the song, explained "This song was written to honor, encourage and inspire our Special Tactics Airmen. Whether a combat controller, pararescuemen, tactical air control party or special operations weather team--these Airmen exemplify the warrior ethos and the Air Force core values of integrity, service and excellence."