America, My Home! performed by Ricky David Tripp

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America, My Home! performed by Ricky David Tripp

Post by Patriots » May 1st, 2018, 10:21 pm

America, My Home!
Performed by Ricky David Tripp
Written by George K. Simon
Copyright 1999 - All Rights Reserved
2018 Video Production by USA Patriotism!

Note: George Simon gave permission to USA Patriotism! for the production of this video illustrating his iconic heartfelt, inspiring "America, My Home!" song wonderfully performed by Ricky David Tripp. This video is proprietary to USA Patriotism!
The Story behind America, My Home! (Anthem for the Millennium)

While working on a book about the interdependence of freedom and character, Dr. George Simon experienced a rekindling of his own patriotic spirit. He scored a melody that had been haunting him for nearly 7 years, and collaborating with his wife, Dr. Sherry Simon penned the straight-from-the-heart lyrics of the song. Initially performed to a cheering crowd on Memorial Day, 2000, the song gained popularity after the attacks of 9-11 when a regional television station paired the song with a video montage of the historic events. Since then it has touched the hearts of audiences totaling over one million through public performances, radio airplay, and other venues. Performance attendees and music reviewers have acclaimed America, My Home! ... as one of the most heartwarming and most inspirational patriotic songs ever written, and a timeless piece that often evokes "goosebumps."

When Country Music Showdown National Champion Ricky David Tripp inquired about inspiration for the song, Dr. Simon replied: “I believe sincerely that the greatness of America lies not in our wealth of resources, the might of our military, or the form of our government, but in the character of our people upon which our freedom completely depends. Each of us has a responsibility to keep freedom alive. I really try to convey that message in this song.
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