Searching USA Patriotism! & RSS Feeds

General information and Patriots guidelines followed by specific category description and associated posting / submission guidelines of creative patriotic content ... by registered users and guests ... including specific ones for students through the 12th grade.
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Searching USA Patriotism! & RSS Feeds

Post by Patriots » April 8th, 2018, 1:36 pm

Searching All of USA Patriotism!

Use the the search feature at the top (right side of navbar) and bottom (center) of each page when on any page within Patriots and elsewhere at USA Patriotism! ... to find specific content on the 20,000 plus pages outside of the Patriots section. (This global search feature will also include content listed in Patriots, but intermixed with content listed elsewhere on the site.)

Searching Within Patriots

Patriots internal search feature in the Patriots light blue menu section on the right side ... should always be used to content within it.

RSS Feeds

While the New Content page that is linked in the USA Patriotism! navbars at the top and bottom of every page will continue to list new content added to USA Patriotism! including in Patriots.

Patriots does have an internal RSS Feed (app.php/feed) that can be setup via their respective feature (e.g. extensions) in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. (Edge users need to determine how to access the Patriot RSS feed.)

Also, registered users have access to SmartFeed feature in Patriots' light blue menu bar that can be setup to list content from each forum of interest.
USA Patriotism!

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